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Puppy Culture at Cadenzahgold

At Cadenzahgold we have formally completed training (3 x Puppy Culture training courses - 'With Open Arms and Level Head: How to Welcome a Puppy Into Your Life", ‘The Joy of Singletons’ and ‘From Newborn to New Home’), and proudly support and use Puppy Culture protocols.  Puppy Culture is a proven, highly successful, gold standard, socialisation and training program developed by Jane Messineo Lindquist, a professional dog trainer and breeder, for puppies from birth through to around 12-16 weeks (the approximate end of the critical socialisation period).

Following a formal Puppy Culture workbook and an evidence based program of activities, we watch for developmental markers in our litters and present small, frequent,  empowering challenges to our puppies at regular points throughout their development to assist them to become calm, operant, problem solvers and life long learners.  

Challenges performed with all puppies born at Cadenzahgold include, but are not limited to:

  • Early Neural Stimulation (ENS) between days 3 and 16
  • Startle recovery activities (loud noises and unexpected movements)
  • Introduction to new activities and toys every day (tactile toys, noisy toys, new environments, new people and new foods) - at least 30 new things in 30 days
  • Barrier challenges to improve problem solving skills
  • Learning to take a treat politely
  • Understanding clicker training - becoming an operant learner
  • Box and other touch it games that assist your puppy to start offering ideas in their training and to concentrate with distractions
  • Manding and paying attention
  • Resource guarding protocols
  • Recall activities - our puppies come running when you call them!
  • Early toilet training using potty mats and other designated areas
  • Initial crate training (crate confidence building activities)

Supporting all these activites are our wonderful dog centric facilities.  Puppies are all born and started off in the main living area of our home, and then are slowly progressed to accessing our wonderful, puppy safe outdoor area that has been built specifically for puppy enrichment.  Given access to a dedicated indoor play area with ballpit, swing, wobble board, obstacles and lots of toys, gardens, grassed areas, different ground textures (timber, stone, textured concretes, synthetic grass), a swimming pool, sand pit, cubby hut and an outdoor puppy play gym.  

To learn more about Puppy Culture please click here or the Puppy Culture logo on this page to be taken to the Puppy Culture website.
The Joy of Singletons
From Newborn to New Home
With Open Arms and a Level Head:  How to Welcome a Puppy Into Your Life
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