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Related links

Links to other useful websites relating to our golden retrievers.
Picture of Dogs Victoria Home Page
Website for the Victorian branch of the Australian National  Kennel  Council (ANKC) - Dogs Victoria (also know as Victorian Canine Association Inc).
Picture of National Golden Retriever Council website
Website providing a lot of useful information sheets on golden retrievers in Australia
Picture of Registered Breed Check screen at Dogs Australia
Dogs Australia (Formerly known as ANKC)
Website for the ANKC/Dogs Australia.  A lot of useful information including the Registered Breeder Check where you can check if a breeder is ANKC /Dogs Australia registered.  Scroll down to the bottom of the home page to find the checker.  It looks like the image shown here.
Picture of Kuranda beds website page
Website selling top quality chew proof dog beds that we use.  These beds are just about bullet proof and we have not had to replace a single one yet.
Picture of website for Golden Retriever Club of Victoria
Website for the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria (currently being rebuilt so available soon)
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